“…The Media is Lying to You”

Today I will veer away from my seemingly all-Bolt all-the-time blog to post a wonderful podcast. It is an interview with a Canadian journalist who has been traveling in Syria and Yemen and Gaza. Regardless of her politics and agenda, she is shedding light on alternate angles and narratives from this part of the world.

Tabloids take Bolt


It was inevitable that the tabloids would get to Usain Bolt at some point (again). It has happened pretty quickly this time. A Brazilian student is claiming she shared a night with the Olympic medalist. Bolt has a girlfriend of two years. The picture doesn’t even look like him, however. Perhaps it is someone trying to cash in on his fame.

Youth attacked again

I wrote the other day about the Colour Pink Foundation, and how the needs amongst this group of young transgender women is urgent. They have been attacked again. Here is the incident report:

Around 1:00am Monday August 15, 2016, eight homeless GMT (Gay Men, Men who have sex with Men and Transgender Women) persons were attacked by members of the public. The attack included stones and bottles being thrown at them causing bodily harm, but gasoline was thrown on their personal items and lit on fire and also individuals were attacked while attempting to run for their lives.

Refuge was sought at the New Kingston Police Post by three individuals while the eight others made their way to the water front in Downtown Kingston where they sought comfort in an abandoned building until day break.

Colour Pink Foundation who is the foremost organization in Jamaica advocating for the rights of the Homeless and Sofa Surfing GMT and LGBT population has set up a Go Fund Me account to assist these individuals with getting clothes and their medications which were destroyed along with other sanitary and hygiene materials.

All donations count, as such please click the link to show your support and share within your network.




Terminal shut down

The night that Usain Bolt won his record-breaking gold medal for the 100m, the skies over Kingston were thundering and lightening was flashing. It seems nature was celebrating as well.

The win also caused two terminals at JFK Airport in New York to shut down. It seems the celebrations as people gathered to watch the race in the terminals were too loud, and someone perceived the ruckus to be gunshots. So authorities cleared the terminals for several hours. Thankfully, it was a false alarm.



Congratulations Usain Bolt. He became the first athlete to win three 100m Gold medals, beating American Justin Gatlin and Canadian Andre De Grasse with a time of 9.83 (although I am also seing 9.81 and 9.86. I wonder why the discrepancy).

I’m certain the entire island of Jamaica was watching the race last night. We heard the pounding of the speakers from HalfWay Tree, where thousand celebrated. But we couldn’t watch the race. A transformer blew right outside our house so the power went off just when he was running. What a controversy.

And this weekend, Elaine Thompson won a gold in the women’s 100m. Jamaicans now have the fastest man and woman in the world. A beautiful thing.